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The REBOOT Alliance


Bryan Flanery is an Afghanistan Veteran and national speaker. During a deployment to Afghanistan with 1-320th Top Guns, his vehicle rolled down a ravine. He suffered injuries including a broken neck, dislocated shoulders, hip damage, ACL tears and a Traumatic Brain Injury. His unit was given a Presidential Unit Citation for their bravery in battle. By the age of 28, Bryan had endured eight significant surgeries and was struggling to manage chronic pain due to his injuries. But his toughest battle was against an unseen enemy. This enemy was far more deadly than the physical injuries he faced. Secretly, Bryan faced a battle against PTSD and combat trauma on a daily basis. Tired of the emotional, physical and spiritual pain, Bryan attempted to take his own life. Every day over 20 veterans complete suicide. Bryan is a veteran that lived. Through a miraculous intervention, his suicide attempt was unsuccessful. Reeling from the failed attempt, and still battling the trauma from his past, Bryan was invited to attend a REBOOT Combat Recovery healing course. Within only 12 weeks, his life was transformed. An awakening of faith in Bryan’s life restored his sense of purpose, wellness and joy. Soon, Bryan was leading trauma healing courses and helping others who had walked the same road he had walked. Due to his extensive community involvement, Bryan was recognized in 2015 by the Nashville Business Journal as an Impact Veteran during their inaugural Veteran Awards. Today, Bryan has personally facilitated courses serving over 300 military families and speaks around the country inspiring civilians and veterans alike. In 2017, Bryan earned his Bachelors of Social Work from Lipscomb University. He is the father of four children and lives in Clarksville, TN.



The REBOOT Alliance


Adam LaVigne has served his community as a leader in ministry, business, and law enforcement. He grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is a proud Yooper, and an avid outdoorsman. 

Adam’s life has taken some unique turns. From living with a tribe in South America, service as a police officer in an urban environment, deployed as a military chaplain to the UAE, Jordan, and Iraq, and leading in bivocational ministry as a college pastor, Adam has learned a lot of lessons on the way. The most important is that people don't care how much you know, but they want to know how much you care. Through these experiences he has been able to develop an uncommon insight and ability to connect with people of very diverse backgrounds and grow relationships in any setting.

From the loss of a close friend and coworker in a 2010 officer involved shooting to ministry on the front lines as a military chaplain and an injury that landed him in recovery for 20 months, Adam has consistently held to the hope that something better was just ahead. Adam found an additional igniter of that hope through the REBOOT Combat Recovery trauma healing course. While walking through his recovery, Adam experienced some very dark days of unknown, serious medical issues, loss of identity, and was surrounded by people walking through the same things, and in the same season of life. Through REBOOT he was able to walk through the difficulties of trauma and learned to help others walk through their own valleys.

Today, Adam is leading and facilitating trauma healing courses, continuing to serve his country as a military chaplain, and striving to expand and engage others in their quest for hope and healing.

Adam has earned a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from Northern Michigan University and a Master of Divinity from Liberty University. He has received several commendations from days as a police officer and his service as a military chaplain.