The Not Alone Conference aims to break down the stigma of mental health within the church and community, to equip the church and community to better identify and minister to those who may feel alone, and to connect people to resources within their community.


For too many years, too many people in our communities have been living under the veil of secrecy and shame due to their struggles- especially those inside our churches.  Following Bridgette Marshall's suicide, organizations from Marshall & Madison counties felt led to do something tangible to address this issue in hopes of reaching those who may feel alone in their pain- maybe even unsupported or misunderstood by the church and community.  We want to provide the church and community with tools and resources that will allow them to connect and empathize with those who are struggling in an effort to offer Hope to those who may feel hopeless.


The Not Alone conference will be happening simultaneously in Albertville and Huntsville, Alabama on February 22nd and 23rd. This is not a simulcast. Both will start at 7PM on Friday, and 8AM on Saturday. For a more detailed schedule please check the links in the navigation bar.

Albertville: Albertville Fine Arts Center - 402 E McCord Ave, Albertville, AL 35950

Huntsville: Willowbrook Baptist Church - 7625 Bailey Cove Rd SE, Huntsville, AL 35802